Heartland Japan Farm Stay’s daily update and new initiatives are going to upload here from time to time. Please keep an eye on our activities.

Farm Stay Program
Heartland Japan currently is preparing “Short Farm Stay Experience Program (no overnight stay)” in Kagoshima for the after COVID19. What kind of short stay experiences are there? Example 1 <Sakura-jima> Theme: People, nature and active volcano Getting involve in the connectivity of the current urban life and the active volcano …
Supporting Special Dietary Requirements
To know whether they are allergic to certain food, animals are others, we secure every student fills out their allergy check list form provided by us before they arrive. With students who has serious allergy symptoms or allergic to multiple allergens would be carefully taken care of from the day …
The Welcome ceremony and the Farewell ceremony
The Welcome ceremony is when the host families and the students meet for their first time whereas the Farewell ceremony is when they leave the place. Students will be driven to their host family’s houses by their host family and starting their farm stay. What’s expected in the Welcome ceremony …
How hosting works
Throughout the whole process, beginning with the initial organization until full completion of the stay, Heartland Japan Farm Stay is working to insure safety for the entirety of the stay, with the cooperation of local host associations, such as local governments, local associations, NPO and so on.
Heartland Japan Farm Stay is looking for host families.
It’s been 20 years since we began accepting students as part of our family on our farm stays. The hosts have been engaging and interacting with students through Kagoshima’s nature and culture, house chores and/or simply in sharing their daily lives. Even just a day or two with a warm …
We start offering Farming Experiences and Farm stays.
Liberta Inc. is now offering farm stays in 10 areas in Kagoshima.Since 2000, Kagoshima has been one of the first Prefectures to provide farm stays and has been accepting many inspection teams from all over Japan. Heartland Japan Farm Stay program and NPO Eco Link Association have been leading the …



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