Preparation List

This is a list of basic things that will need to be prepared for use during your farm stay. Please prepare in advance so as to not forget anything.

Things needed for work

Clothes needed for work are a basic long sleeve shirt and a pair of pants to prevent injuries such as cuts, scratches and rashes.
□ A hat
□ A towel
□ Gloves
□ Work clothes (long sleeves, pants, or a jumpsuit)
□ Work shoes (that can get dirty, such as athletic shoes, preferably non-slippery)

Things needed for the farm stay

All items used during meals (tableware) and bedtime (bedding such as futon, pillow, etc) will be provided by the host family. Please bring any additional items you might need during bath time or to brush your teeth.
□ Bedtime clothes (pyjama, bathrobe, etc)
□ Facecloth and bath towel
□ Toothbrush
□ Toothpaste
□ Other toiletries
□ Change of clothes (underwear, socks, t-shirt, etc)

If needed

If you think you might need items other than the ones mentioned above, please prepare in advance so as to not forget.
□ Dryer
□ Medication
□ Contact lenses and other related items

Safety Precautions

Your cooperation is also required in order to insure a safe farm stay. We ask you to cooperate in complying with the following 5 “Promises of the Farm Stay”
 〜 5 Promises of the Farm Stay
(1) Please act according to the instructions of your host family.
(2) Please remain with your host family for the length of your stay.
(3) Please be mindful of your physical condition so as to not get sick.
(4) If you should feel unwell or injure yourself, don’t ignore it and let your host family know immediately.
(5) Please be responsible for all your valuables.