Our travel consultant, Ms. Oshima’s activities featured on NHK!

Noriko Oshima is a travel consultant of Heartland Japan.

She is currently appointed as “Hagi Komachi” (Hagi City Tourism PR Lady) by the Hagi Tourism Association.

The term of office is for two years. She is making efforts to revitalize her hometown in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Hagi City.

In the program “Japan’s Strongest Castle Special” (broadcast on June 26, 2023) on NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) a state-run broadcasting station, Oshima introduced Hagi Castle as Hagi Komachi.

Furthermore, in an online poll by the program’s viewers, Oshima’s introduction of “Hagi Castle Ruins and Hagi Castle Town” was voted No. 1 in an online poll of the program’s viewers.

From among some 30,000 castles in Japan, three were selected for the program,

The viewers of the program chose “Hagi Castle Ruins & Hagi Castle Town” from among them.

Oshima is very happy to have been able to contribute to the local community.

Our company, Liberta (the management company of Heartland Japan) will continue to be of service to the local community in the future.

Please watch over us.

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