Core Value


By living daily life as a member of our family, you can experience the simple, authentic life of a Japanese farmer. A genuine, heartwarming country life experience awaits you.

Family Like

By interacting with a family who welcomes you with open arms, you will feel the warmth of coming home and experience the healing power of finding a second family.

Life Changing

With extraordinary experiences and small challenges away from the city, you can achieve a sense of accomplishment and self-transformation. An experience that may just change your perspective on life.


A student who was refusing to go to school, began attending again after developing a friendship with a fellow student during a farm stay exchange. Following this, the student visited her host family again.
(High School Official, Osaka Prefecture)
A difficult student was accepted into a farm stay program and although the teacher had planned to stay as well, the host family asked to leave the situation up to them and only the student participated in the farm stay. During the stay, he was a very honest student.
(Junior High School Official, Hiroshima Prefecture)
Students who had few relationships became friends with other students during their course of the farm stay and as a result, increased their circle of friends, with many of these relationships that continue to this day.
(Junior High School Official, Kyoto Prefecture)
At the farm stay welcome ceremony, a student who’s clothes and hair had been disheveled, turned up well dressed with impeccable hair for the farewell ceremony, surprising the teachers.
(Junior High School Official, Hyogo Prefecture)
A child who hardly talked at home, opened up and told her/his parents all about her/his farm stay. “It’s the first time our child has talked so enthusiastically and positively about something” the parents gratefully shared in a phone call to the host family.
(Junior High School Official, Saga Prefecture)
In response to a student with serious allergies, direct communication between the parents and the host family was established and satisfying answers were forthcoming, allowing for a good assessment of Kagoshima Prefecture’s farm stay system.
(High School Officials, Kanagawa Prefecture)
Before saying farewell, students made a thank-you note and gave it to me. I think they gave it to me because they were children who didn’t talked very much. I have been a host for many years, but I was very happy that it was my first time receiving such a note.
(Host Family, Saitama Prefectural High School)
Along with a thank-you note from the principal came a thank-you note from the students, and this farm stay experience was a turning point for me after which I became very interested and decided to take a course a the Agricultural University.
(Host Family, Minami Satsuma City)
The thank-you note included the entire list of dishes I had prepared during the farm stay, which made me very happy.
(Host Family, Hioki City)