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What is a Heartland Japan Farm Stay?

Heartland Japan Farm Stay is like a second hometown.
Heartland Japan Farm Stay positions itself under the banner of “Meaningful Experience at the Farm Travel” a movement which, in Japan, started more than 20 years ago in Kagoshima Prefecture with Eco Link Association, a non-profit group known for providing farm stay experience-centered educational travel.

If you choose to experience Heartland Japan Farm Stay, you will not be just another guest, but you will be welcomed into the farmer’s home and treated as though you are truly part of the family. It’s a chance to experience farm stay in a way that will make you feel like you have truly come home and that a piece of your heart now belongs to the beautiful land of Kagoshima. From this activity, we hope to provide the farmer with enlivening meeting opportunities, and you a chance to create a memorable heartwarming experience away from the bustle of the city.

At Heartland Japan Farm Stay (farm stay experiences are currently arranged through Kagoshima Prefecture), experience a heartwarming adventure filled with the bounty from both the sea and mountains of Kagoshima, and feel the warmth of its people. A major cornerstone of the “contact experience” of our farm stay holiday (which also includes a fishing stay) is the chance to experience various and unique “daily lives/everyday life” that distinct regions of Kagoshima have to offer. That is to say, for his work the farmer or fisherman must consult the fields, or the sea. He must also consult the sky and the earth.
“Since the weather looks clear for the next few days, let’s go ahead and plant the rice.”
“Since the sea looks stormy today, let’s mend the nets.”
“It looks like the fields should be ready for harvest tomorrow.”
“In our lives, there are no days where nothing happens. We live life in harmony with nature’s daily changes.”During your farm stay experience, you get to experience Kagoshima’s “relaxed way of life where one day slowly turns into the next”. And above all, your host family’s mom, dad, grandpa, and grandma will all welcome you like family, the way they would their own children and grandchildren returning home after a long absence. So there is never any reason to feel shy. Do feel free to ask anything. During a farm stay, everyone is part of a larger “family” of those living in the same hometown.

You get to experience the countryside life and enjoy “spending friendly, informal time with your “new family” doing things like preparing meals, cleaning up together and chatting afterwards, a change that is rarely offered in regular farm stay experiences.

You get to experience farming and fishing together with nature, seeing the active volcano Sakurajima, walking Japan’s longest Fukiage sand dunes, seeing the spectacular Ria coastal inlet, or gazing at impressive star-filled night skies, and above all, you will have a chance to meeting the lovely people of Kagoshima.

We, at Heartland Japan, will help all those coming to Kagoshima “create warm memories” that can only be born out of truly connecting with people.


Keijiro Sawano, CEO of the company is featured in the subscription magazine “Nodule”!
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